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Irvine ContextMenu

New function "Add expanded URL" is added.

If you have any problems or bugs, please see "Troubleshooting" section.


Irvine ContextMenu is a Mozilla Firefox extension
which downloads links and images with Irvine.

Mozilla Firefox 1.0 or later / SeaMonkey 1.0 or later
This extension only support Official Release Builds.
This doesn't support Nightly/Developer Edition (Aurora, alpha)/Beta/Release Candidates or
unofficial/optimized/third party builds.
en-US, ja(ja-JP), ja-JP-mac(ja-JPM)


Download from Mozilla Add-ons.
for Firefox / for SeaMonkey

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How to use

Initial settings

After installation, you should open Irvine ContextMenu setting dialog
(or panel) to make initial settings first.

After the open of the setting dialog, set the path of ircom.exe
which is in Irvine install folder at "ircom.exe's path". Click "Browse..."
How to set ircom.exe's path 1

And go to Irvine install folder from "Look in".
How to set ircom.exe's path 2

If you find ircom.exe, you should double click on it,
or select it and click "Open".
How to set ircom.exe's path 3

After that, click "OK" button.
How to set ircom.exe's path 4

The initial settings has done.

Description of settings

From here, I describe each configuration of the option dialog except "ircom.exe's path".

In "Context menu style" section, you can change the context menu style.

In "Context menu item" section, you can change the context menu item settings.

Removal of configuration information

When you delete this extension, you can choose if you remove
all of used configuration information (preferences) or not.

Click "Remove" button in the Add-ons Manager or Extension Manager,
The dialog is shown in the picture below.
Confirm dialog
If you click "Yes" button, you can remove all of used configuration information.
If you click "No" button, you can remain used configuration information.

About "Add expanded URL"

Irvine's function "Expand and paste URL" is very useful,
but you need a text editor to make URL format.
So I've added a new function "Add expanded URL".
Please let me know if there is an opinion.

When you click "Add expanded URL",
the dialog is shown to edit URLs below:

Let's see Some examples.

[Example 1]

Right click on the image which you want to download consecutively,
click "Add expanded URL" (If right clicking is prohibited,
you can avoid it by right clicking with Shift key).
Context menu on the image

The dialog is shown. There is two URLs in the textarea in this example,
because that image has a link.
Example of Expand URL 1

Edit URL format, and click "OK" button.
Example of Expand URL 2

The URL format is expanded and added to Irvine.
Add to Irvine 1

[Example 2]

Select URL format and right click, click "Add expanded URL".
context menu on selected area

The dialog is shown. and click "OK" button.
Example of Expand URL 3

The URL format is expanded and added to Irvine.
Add to Irvine 2


It doesn't work correctly (1)

Other extensions may cause the problem with this extension.
Try deleting other extensions except this extension.
If you know what extension the problem, please tell me the extension.

It doesn't work correctly (2)

If you have some problem in your profile, the extension may not work properly.
Try creating a new profile and installing this extension.
To create a new profile, see Firefox Help page.

It doesn't work correctly (3)

Nightly/Developer Edition (Aurora, alpha)/Beta/Release Candidates or
unofficial/optimized/third party builds may cause the problem.
Please use on official release builds.

I can't find ircom.exe

You may fail to download Irvine.
Please download Irvine again.


1.9 (Released on 2015/3/29)
1.8 (Released on 2014/6/26)
1.7 (Released on 2014/4/25)
1.6 (Released on 2012/4/14)
  • [Firefox 11] Modified em:maxVersion to 11.* in install.rdf.
  • [SeaMonkey 2.8] Modified em:maxVersion to 2.8.* in install.rdf.
  • Added a new function to change accesskeys.
    (Reference: XUL Accesskey FAQ and Policies - MDN)
  • Deleted unused DTDs from irvine.dtd.
  • Moved all of the style attributes in the XUL files to the style sheets.
  • Say goodbye to Mozilla Suite.
1.5 (Released on 2011/2/12)
1.4 (Released on 2009/6/27)
  • [Firefox 3.5] Modified em:maxVersion to 3.5.* in install.rdf.
  • [Firefox 3.5] Changed the way to make a instance of nsIProcess.
    (nsIProcess - MDC, Bug 485379)
  • Fixed the bug that fail to import links from a page
    which contains a lot of links (over 2000).
1.3 (Released on 2008/6/18)
1.2 (Released on 2007/3/23)
  • Fixed problem with McAfee SiteAdvisor.
  • [SeaMonkey 1.1] Modified em:maxVersion to 1.1.* in install.rdf.
  • Fixed item overflow in the Preferences window.
1.1 (Released on 2006/11/2)
  • [Firefox 2.0] Modified em:maxVersion to 2.0.0.* in install.rdf.
  • Localizable description of the extension manager.
  • Added GUID of SeaMonkey.
1.0 (Released on 2005/11/3)
  • [Firefox 1.5] Modified em:maxVersion to 1.5.0.* in install.rdf.
  • Removed "Settings" item from the context menu.
0.4 (Not Released)
  • [Firefox 1.5 Beta 2] Modified em:maxVersion to 1.4.1 in install.rdf.
  • Added "Add this link" item to the context menu (incomplete).
  • You can select which item to show.
  • Deleted codes from jsActions 1.02 (These were licensed by MPL).
  • Changed preference names to extensions.irvine.*
    (Old settings switched over to new ones).
  • Cleand up codes.
0.3 (Not Released)
0.2 (Released on 2005/6/6)
  • [Firefox 1.1/Gecko 1.8] Modified install.rdf and created chrome.manifest.
    (Packaging Firefox/Thunderbird Extensions)
  • [Firefox 1.1/Gecko 1.8] Change locale names (L10n:Simple locale names).
  • [Firefox 1.1/Gecko 1.8] Modified app.extensions.version (Bug 295538).
  • [Firefox 1.1/Gecko 1.8] Fixed a bug that can't close the context menu
    when open the setting dialog.
  • Selectable context menu type (cascade or flat).
  • Fixed the disability to access Irvine panel from setting dialog box
    of Mozilla Suite.
  • Cleand up codes.
0.1.4 (Released on 2005/4/23)
  • Cleand up codes.
  • Modified minVersion of Mozilla Suite to add to Mozilla Update.
  • Deleted updateURL to lookup Mozilla Update.
0.1.3 (Released on 2004/12/28)
  • Supported for ja-JPM locale
    (This is nonsense because Irvine doesn't work on Macintosh).
0.1.2 (Released on 2004/12/5)
  • Supported for Mozilla Suite.
0.1.1 (Released on 2004/11/28)
0.1 (Released on 2004/11/25)
  • Took over from Wolfy and Motohiko.
  • Fixed a setting dialog bug with Firefox 1.0.
  • Fixed a freeze bug on right click.
  • Replaced icons.
  • Changed the license to GPL.


This software is distributed under the terms of
the GPL (GNU General Public License) Version 2.


Help Wanted

I need your help! and I also need bug report.
Please contact me by e-mail (my e-mail address is listed below).

Presented by INOUE Naoto.
E-mail: leafy [at] multi [dot] nadenade [dot] com