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Japanese Calendar


A very simple Japanese calendar for Firefox OS.
This supports the latest amendment of Japanese holiday law.

Firefox OS 2.0


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The source code is available on GitHub.

How to use

This app displays a calendar of this month at first.
Year is displayed in the Christian Era and the Japanese Era (after Meiji) and Earthly Branches.
Traditional Japanese names for the months are also displayed.
The lists of holidays, nijushisekki and annual functions are displayed below the calendar.
The background color of holiday is red.
The background color of today and today's items of the lists are yellow.

And you can change the month to display by swipe.


This software is distributed under the terms of
the GPL (GNU General Public License) Version 2.

And this software uses these libraries, and the libraries are
redistributed under the terms of each license.

The icons of this software are made based on small-n-flat by paomedia (Arnaud).
small-n-flat is distributed under the terms of CC0 1.0 Universal,
and the icons of this software are distributed under the terms of the same license.


1.5 (Released on 2015/12/27)
  • New function: Earthly Branches and Traditional Japanese names for the months are displayed.
  • Changed the color of holidays to red.
  • Modified the style of shadow.
  • Modified the way of to hide the date input field.
1.4.1 (Released on 2015/8/30)
  • The calendar was not displayed correctly at the end of the month.
  • Now entering higan and finishing higan are displayed.
  • Displayed the days of previous and next months.
  • The background color of today's items of the lists are yellow.
  • New version of HolidayChk.js is included (so holidays before 1970 are displayed correctly).
  • Changed from "Syukujitsu" to "Kyujitsu".
  • Changed from "Jigetsu" to "Yokugetsu".
  • The days of the lists are displayed right-aligned.
    (Reference: http://www.tam-tam.co.jp/tipsnote/html_css/post4559.html)
  • Changed the style of shadow.
  • Modified the layout of the lists.
  • Modified the fade duration of About dialog.
  • Changed the unit of About dialog's logo size (from px to em).
  • Modified the style of the day of the week.
  • Put the loop of displaying the lists in one.
  • Separated the jQuery plugin code to another file.
    (Reference: http://dev.classmethod.jp/slide/html5-css3-jquery-jqplugin/)
  • Renamed variable names: names of Date objects are date, names of days are day.
  • Changed the unit of CSS font size (from pt to %).
  • Simplified codes.
1.3 (Released on 2015/7/4)
1.2 (Released on 2015/6/6)
1.1 (Released on 2015/5/23)
1.0 (Released on 2015/5/15)


Please see Issues on GitHub.

Help Wanted

I need your help! and I also need bug report.
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